National Auto Collision Center - National Auto Collision does HORRIBLE work!

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So, had them come to the house and look at the truck.The owner, Bill Jones, looked it over and agreed it was terrible work.

They took the truck back and attempted to fix and cover their mistakes.

It still looked horrible, the insurance company ended up shelling out a few extra thousand dollars to have these lamoes work fixed.The second shop did a great job, National can choke on it!

Original review posted by user Jul 02, 2012

Early June 2012, my truck was vandalized. I called my insurance company and was forced to take it to one of their "contracted" vendors. National Auto Collision - West, in Tucson, AZ. Their work is absolutely horrid!

Here is a list of what a $10k repair got me from a place that claims to be among the 'best!'

Here goes:

--Two tires left without proper psi which caused truck to pull to the right so hard that it was unsafe to drive.

--Rear window defroster left disconnected.

--Painters tape left hanging from the frame of the truck.

--None of the rear windows were tinted. Only provided with privacy glass.

--Plastic clip missing from drivers side floor board.

--Multiple window clips missing from exterior.

--Drivers door does not close correctly. It now must be slammed and does not line up correctly.

--Fish eyes on paint.

--Front hood and rocker panels appear as though they were just painted, never sanded, leaving pit marks and divots all over the truck! Some areas like the rocker panels look like they were never washed before being painted.

--There are dents on both sides of the rear cab of the truck. Clearly dents were left when vandals were striking rear window to break it!

--Fresh cigarette burn in rear driver side of the truck not repaired. I don't smoke!

--Passenger front window: something is rubbing and making noise as window is rolled up (closed).

--Drivers door exterior seal not replaced from damage.

--Rear driver side door or window now has a major air leak. Possibly caused by a damaged seal or the pillar not being repaired correctly? No obvious reason for this air leak from visual inspection.

--Skirting behind passenger tire missing.

--Sirius Satellite Radio antenna just slapped back onto the roof of the truck. Not aligned correctly, the excess wiring is now hanging out and looks astray. Rat tail cover missing and not replaced!

--Glove box doesn't line up correctly any longer.

--Jack and all associated hardware is missing.

--All fender flares look as though try were painted by hand! Tape and adhesive residue.

--Passenger side B pillar still has tape on it.

--Drivers door not completely repainted, damage from prying sill visible on the interior of the door and along the doors edge.

--Passenger rear door. Interior door seal not secured. Left hanging from damage.


This is their best work? Really?! Tomorrow, I am expected to alter my schedule to return the vehicle to National...This place is a joke! Three weeks, and $10k got me an amateur (at best!) looking paint job!

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